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Guangxi Sinso Lighting Co., Ltd.has been servicing outdoor HID lighting for more than 5

years.Our company is located in Guangxi Province. Our company has strong technical research and development team, advanced manufacturing technology, rigorous testing methods and scientific management system! And our pledge is “QUALITY IS OUT CULTURE”!

The company mainly specialized in producing:Automatic patrol searchlight, stronglight searchlight,multi-platform networking searchlight and other various accessories,

widely used in defense, military, judicial (prison, detention center), water conservancy, power sector, farm,as well as oil fields, airports, terminals, ships, large industrial and mining enterprises, large construction sites, field search and rescue, etc. our products has passed the national third party product quality certification. Besides we can also customize the special searchlight according to the request of our customers, electrical appliances,effect and so on. We always adhere to the mature technology as the guide, pursue the quality of survival, make good reputation brand as the goal, to meet customer requirements for the purpose.

All in all, Guangxi Sinso Lighting Co., Ltd has committed itself to develop more and more “high quality”products to meet the domestic and foreign markets! Creating a brilliant future for the lighting industry and its consumers.


Guangxi Sinso Lighting Co., Ltd.

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