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Sinso Auto Rotation Searchlight


Sinso Auto Rotation Searchlight,we develop auto  rotation searchlight depend on Armed Police Force's requirement of night lighting,patrol and guard,it's not only long sevice life and long irradiation range, but also high brightness and human feel dizzy when look at searchlight at a close range,it is the best choice for patrol and guard.

Auto Rotation Searchlight can be work with perimeter action with alarm Emergency,alarm trigger signal to our searchlight,searchlight will move to the area immediatery,follow and lighting the invasion target, and provide lighting instructions to security person, high brightness light make the  invasion target temporary blindness and out of action.

Auto Rotation Searchlight also with presets function,guard function, point scan function,autocruise function,continuously variable function and so on,it can be meet different needs on different ccasions and application,and easy to used ,Auto Rotation Searchlight unanimously recognized by our customers.

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