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wireless keyboard/joystick control searchlight

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1.HID xenon searchlight,high brightness,long range

2.Irradiation range:600m

3.wireless keyboard control(joystick)+remote

4.Service life more than 6000h

5.IP 65 waterproof

6.Easy installation

7.Suitable for many sites


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Autocruise Function:there are three cruise modes:horizontal made,vertical mode

Memory function:auto memory cruise mode and moving speed before power off

Auto Stop&Start function:circular telegram opens automatically, the power failure  mode on/off ,modes and speed can be setting

Three Speed/Continuously Variable:

1)remote with three speed adjustments,High speed,medium speed ,low speed switching

2)keyboard control:moving speed can be arbitrary switching

Repetition Priming Function:if first start is unsuccessful, will start every 15S,until the successful launch.

Multiple control:can be control by 2.4G wireless keyboard and remote

Unattended Function: Auto Stop& Start working with time switch to achieve unattended

Bulb's Lifespan Remind:Light bulb service life approaching, automatic advance reminder


Item2.4G keyboard control searchlightControl mode2.4G wireless keyboard+remote
BrandSinsoItem NO.PD-022-E
MaterialAluminum+ABSLight sourceFirst generation HID Xenon
Input Voltage220VAC,12VDC,24VDCCurrent



Power150WEffective Range600M
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)10000lmIP RateIP65
Beam AngleLamp Dia18CM
Searchlight Lifespan20000hBulb lifespan6000h


Appearance and compact, easy to carry,control distance:50-100 mters

4 directions adjustment,UP,Dwon,Right,Left.can turn the searchlight to any angle within limit


2.4G wireless keyboard ,control range up to 400-500M,keyboard with battery inside,do not need to permanently power;8 directions adjustment:Right,Left,UP, Down,Top Right,Top Left,Bottom Right,Bottom Left,searchlight can turn the searchlight to any angle within limit


One keyboard can control up to 10 searchlights,multiple keyboard also can control same searchlights,ad hoc networks:auto switching channel if there is interference.multiple installation,control distance can be extended


There are Three cruise modes for auto cruise function :horizontal mode,vertical mode,horizontal +vertical mode.

Three speed adjustment:Arbitrary switching High speed, Medium speed,low speed.

Continuously Variable:moving speed control by joystick,the greater the amplitude of the rocker is pressed, the faster the speed of rotation


There are three cruise modes,One-key response.and Automatic memory,working with time switch,achieve Auto Stop& Start function and Unattended,speed can be adjustment and memory during cruise


One-click Move to main area, quick response,there are 8 preset positions



Aluminum material,specially designed for outdoor, high temperature baking, no rust, no paint stripping.

Exposed parts are made of stainless steel. 


IP65 waterproof

Searchlight with IP65 waterproof and we have two versions

Normal version:-10º~+50º

Low temperature version: -30º~+50º

Normal type use for normal site,low temperature version for some place which is cold, like Iceland and Russia


Ultra Bright

Brightness up to 10000lm, Long range up to 600M High color rendering index more than 95 Good condensiing effect,High brightness,human feel dizzy when look at searchlight at a close range



Security,Homeland &Border Security,Prison Facilities &Prison Security,Maritime,Water Resources and Electric Power,Aquaculture,Orchard,Farming and so on.


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