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outdoor/indoor pan tilt head with coder

Detailed Info


Power:DC12V 5A,AC24V 3A
Rotation speed:Pan 10°/S;Tilt 3°/S
Range:Pan 0~350°;Tilt -35°~+15°
Work temperature:-25°C~+50°C
Work humidity:90% no condensation
Control mode:RS-485 Half-Duplex bus
Baud rate:1200/2400/4800/9600bps
Address code range:0-64
Speed of two points scan:4-10°/S


Pan tilt achieve function by RS-485 control(setting presets positions)

1)can be setting scan limit (start point and stop point) betweent rotation range (pan:0~350°;Tilt -35°~+15°)
2)SN-301-Z pan tilt with variable speed,Speed:4-10°/S
3)The time of the SN-301-Z pan tilt stop can be setting, 5S,10S and 15S are available
4)SN-301-Z pan tilt with watch function,pan tilt will back to the watch position after do not operate for some time and the time can be setting
5)pan tilt will self-check after restore factory settings
6)Remember function:pan tilt suddenly power off when scan or cruise, when power again ,pan tilt keep moving with the cruise mode before turn off
7)Preset cruise:2 modes, there are16 preset positions for each mode


1.pan tilt motor- product information:

motorized outdoor pan tilt head device mostly work in poor environments which include road side, playground, construction site, park and other exposed places. For special working environments, motorized outdoor pan tilt head device must adopts dedicated stuff which has functions of with high resistance to strong collision,windproof , shock and impact resistant and others.Outdoor aluminium alloy pan tilt is important in CCTV monitoring system.
Waterproof and durable:the whole sealing process design, can be normal operation in the heavy rain.

2.pan tilt motor- product characteristic:

1)Adopt aluminum alloy material, functions of waterproof, high-temperature, durable and anti-erode
2)Adopt high-performance motor with stable running and low noising
3)rotation angle:Pan:355° Tilt: ±35°
4)build in decoder
5)all goods have one year warranty and lifetime maintenance

Guangxi Sinso Lighting Co., Ltd,which is manufacturer of CCTV pan tilt and outdoor searchlight. our pan tilt used by 80%  armed police,marine,prison,detention house,aquaculture,farming and bird repellent system

Our main products cover:pan tilt,spotlight,outdoor searchlight, and floodlight .more than 80% of the domestic armed police, maritime vessels, breeding places,outdoor, prisons, Marine, agricultural, ports and so on

Our product with auto rotating function ,rotation speed adjustment function and preset function,also can be control by remote controller,keyboard/joystick,RS-485,network sensor and so on,we have our own research and develop department provide technical support to offer customized item

we looking forward to our products bring you perfect visual perception,forward to having win-win cooperation with worldwide friends!

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