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heavy duty network control pan tilt

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Item3050 network control pan tilt
Item NO. SN-3050-D
Control Modenetwork/rmote/keyboard
Load8Kg,real load influenced by rotating speed and size of device which mount on the pan tilt
Input Voltage220VAC,12VDC,24VDC
Turn Anglepan:0-355°,tilt:±45°
IP RateIP66
Control Rangeremote:50-100M
Working temperature

Normal version:-10º~+50º

Low temperature version: -30º~+50

ApplicationCCTV camera,Lighting,Laser,Bird Repellent System,Physiotherapy Instrument

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Network pan tilt :

RS485 Interface, TCP/IP Protocol,can be access to LAN and WAN

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Multiple Pan Tilt Networking:

Install and control multiple searchlight,can be control each searchlight arbitrary(different address code)


Software Control:

99 groups Time-Switch,can be control the time of pan tilt turn on/off and working mode

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Autocruise Function/Variable speed function:

There are Three cruise modes for auto cruise function :horizontal mode,vertical mode,horizontal +vertical mode.

Three speed adjustment:Arbitrary switching High speed, Medium speed,low speed.

Continuously Variable:moving speed control by joystick,the greater the amplitude of the rocker is pressed, the faster the speed of rotation

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Guard function/Preset function/Point scan function:

Guard function:searchlight back to home position after 10s without any operate

Preset function:One-click Move to main area, quick response

Point scan function:stop and cruise during preset position,the time stop in the preset is settable


Auto Stp& Start Function/Timing Function/Memory Function:

There are three cruise modes,One-key response.and Automatic memory,working with time switch,achieve Auto Stp& Start function and Unattended,speed can be adjustment and memory during cruise



Cast Aluminum material,specially designed for outdoor, high temperature baking, no rust, no paint stripping.with high resistance to strong collision,windproof , shock and impact resistant ability,Its design is not only beautiful but also generous,suitable for Indoor and outdoor use

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IP65 waterproof:

pan tilt with IP65 waterproof and we have two versions

Normal version:-10º~+50º

Low temperature version: -30º~+50º

Normal type use for normal site,low temperature version for some place which is cold, like Iceland and Russia





CCTV camera,Lighting,Laser,Bird Repellent System,Physiotherapy Instrument


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